I have spent most of my life in academia. After completing my Master's, I started teaching, first as an adjunct and now full-time, and then I decided to complete my doctorate. I served as the chair of my department for six years and have now accepted an even more demanding position, though I have remained in the classroom throughout. Whatever its faults, the job does allow me time for travel.

This site originally came about to describe my Tibet trip and has grown as I have travelled more and more. It was always intended to be a balance: In terms of photos, I try to combine tourist snaps with artistic shots. In terms of text, I try to combine facts with experience. I have no idea who reads it, but hope they enjoy it.

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Itís a battered old suitcase and a hotel someplace and a wound that will never heal. – Tom Waits


All text and photographs Copyright © 2006-2014 by Jeremiah A. Gilbert.
Photo by Haimo Li (Salona, Croatia)