After a day of rest, we head out to start to see the city. We catch a bus that takes us to the eastern edge of Tiananman Square. From here we head over to Changpu River Park, which offers a little known respit from the hectedness of the square. There are also some interesting buildings nearby that we explore.

We're trying to see some of the old chruches left in Beijing and make our way to the old French legation quarter. Unfortunetly, the gate to St. Michael's Church is closed for a wedding, though we are able to see the old French Post Office.

Then we're on to Wangfujing Dajie, one of the city's main shopping areas, to see St. Joseph's Church, erected by the French in 1905. Then we're on to a night market, which seems to sell a bit of everything, including scorpions and sea horses. Here I sample a yogurt drink I've come to enjoy.

After a day's rest
Gardens, churches, and markets
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