The South Caucasus are comprised of the countries of Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. As I have both an interest in Eastern Europe and Asia in general, this seemed like a unique area to explore as it is literally where East meets West.

This trip I'm flying to London, where I have a lengthy layover that I'll be spending with my girlfriend, whom I haven't seen since early April. On the way there, I decide to take a sleeping pill as I never sleep on planes and would like to be somewhat coherent for our time together. About halfway through the ten hour flight, I awaken quite nauseous and on my way to the rear restroom, get light-headed and end up spread out in the aisle. This leads to me being given oxygen and strapped into one of the stewardess' seats at the rear of the plane, where I'm kept for an hour. That's one way to get leg room on a flight these days.

Our goodbyes said (we'll be seeing each other again when this trip ends), I catch my flight to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Besides being cheated by a cab driver, my morning is rather uneventful.


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