After returning to the hotel, a group of us decide to go horseback riding. At first it was going to be zip-lining, but we were told that it was not safe after so much rain, so horses it is. A van picks us up and takes us to a location where we saddle up and I begin taking single-handed photos, while my other hand grips the reign. I haven't been on a horse in years and do not trust myself to try any double-handed photos while in transit.

We ride into the small village of Los Sapos, where we are inundated with little girls selling corn-husk flowers. One of them, Helen, knows some English and ends up in a number of photos. She also starts taking photos with one of my group's cameras, which leads another girl, Araceli, to want to give it a try. I also end up buying Araceli's flower and ride back down with it in my left-front pocket. I attempt one last single-handed photo on the way back.

Once returned to the hotel, it's back to the bar, with one of the world's most beautiful bartenders, whose special margarita ingredient turns out to be honey.

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