While I still have a lot of Western Europe to explore, my immediate interest lies more in Central and Eastern Europe. This is mostly because I have family ties to this area: My mom's family came from Romania through Russia and finally England before my grandfather met my grandmother and brought her and later her family to the States.

This trip will survey five countries in all: Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. To get to Vienna, I'm flying through Dallas and Heathrow, my two least favorite airports. I am a little concerned that I only have a 45 minute layover in Dallas but figure, as flights are always delayed in Dallas, this will be no problem. Of course, my London flight is on time and only familiarity with DFW gets me on it on time.

Once in Vienna, I wander around a bit after finding the hotel. I find a McCafe that serves gourmet coffee drinks, partries, and bagel sandwiches and a music box in a store window that will cause me grief the following day. I also take my fiirst two photos from my hotel window.


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