Originally H and I had planned a road-trip wedding. While we ended up getting married locally, we decided to take a road-trip after the wedding. A collapse of a section of Pacific Coast Highway just north of Big Sur meant a slight change of plans, but it's still a mostly-coastal road-trip. We'll be heading west to San Luis Obispo, then north to Monterey and finally several days in San Francisco before a long-day's drive home.

Before heading out, I wanted to give my new camera a try. I started by hiking around nearby Live Oak Canyon, a region I've been photographing for over twenty years. Then it's a thirty minute drive out to Rock Candy Mountains, locally known as Mormon Rocks (color and sepia). I don't find the trail that's in my hiking guide, so I make up my own.

The weekend before the wedding, H joined me to do some hiking in Joshua Tree National Park. First we did the Barker Dam trail, which is highly recommended, especially the petroglyphs near the end. Then we tackled the Wall Street Mill trail, which is long and not as picturesque. If not for the old cars, it could be skipped.


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