I have always heard that the train ride into Mexico's Copper Canyon is one of the finest there is, so I decide this summer to give it a try. The last time I was on a train was when my fifth grade class took AmTrack down to the San Diego zoo and I fell in love with the observation car.

My journey begins with a flight from Ontario to El Paso, with a change of planes in Phoenix. Both flights go well, though I do realize two things: First, I'm never seated next to one of the cute girls I see in the terminal. Second, whether it's a plane, train, or bus, the person in front of me always has to recline in their seat, removing what little leg room there is, forcing my knees into the back of their seat.

Upon my arrival at the hotel, I find that my door key does not work. Come to find out, there is already a couple in what is supposed to be my room. This causes me to be upgraded to a suite, which I don't complain about. Too bad it's only one night in El Paso with a very early departure. But I make the most of it, stretching out in a bed about four times the size of the one I usually sleep in.


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