EGYPT (December 2010)

I have wanted to visit Egypt since elemetary school, when my fifth grade class made a school presentation and I was in charge of narrating the section on ancient Egypt. I quickly became enamored with pyramids and heiroglyphics. It was also around this time that the King Tut exhibit came to Los Angeles, seeing my mom and I standing in a long line, eager to witness history.

Furthermore, it is a country visited by my frequent traveling companion, Herodotus. He writes in Chapter 2 of his Histories, "Concerning Egypt itself I shall extend my remarks to a great length, because there is no country that possesses so many wonders, nor any that has such a number of works which defy description." I'll see what I can do on that front.

Before heading to Cairo, I am spending some time with H in London. Snow since my arrival has been causing delays at Heathrow and there is concern about our Christmas day flight. This reminds me of last winter's near misses en route to Tunisia. We just need to be able to make it to Cairo on the 25th and then back to Heathrow in early January.


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