GREECE (June 2013)

One probably comes about Greece around the same time as first learning of the pyramids of Egypt or the rise of the Roman Empire. At least that's how I remember it. In my mind, ancient Greece was a place of learning and sport, home to Socrates and Plato, Pythagoras and Herodotus. It was home to the muses, Oedipus, and vengeful gods. I used to know all of the Gods and most of the mythology, at least those stories available to me at the time. Today, Ted Hughes' Tales from Ovid remains one of my favorite books and I am looking forward to seeing where some of the tales came from.

Crying babies accompany us on our delayed evening flight from Zurich to Athens (so much for Swiss time keeping), so we arrive rather tired. H and I take the metro to the station closest to our hotel then hop a taxi as it's nearly midnight and neither of us trust our senses of direction. Our hotel is centrally located, which we'll discover in the morning. We'll also discover a few quirks, such as the fourth floor elevator that only responds to the "up" button when one wants to go down or the narrow shower that leaks if the shower heads veers a few degrees from center. But hey, we're in Athens and surrounded by the cradle of western civilization--what are a few quirks?


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