INDONESIA (June 2011)

We have come to Indonesia by chance. Ducking into a bookstore to get out of the rain one day last year, we happened across one of those books listing sites to see in a lifetime. One of these sites was the massive Buddhist temple, Borobudur, unfamiliar to either H or myself. Later, at home, a search of a favorite tour provider uncovers a two-week tour of Java and Bali, including Borobudur along with many other temples, plantations, and volcanoes. We book soon after.

We're flying from London to Yogyakarta via Kuala Lumpur. The flights are uneventful and comfortable and we're in Java the next afternoon. The airport is small, with a tiny baggage carousel and a nondescript window tucked into a corner where one is to purchase an arrival visa, which requires a sharp right turn before Immigration.

With a rate of around 8500 Indonesian Rupiahs to the dollar, an exchange of a few hundred dollars has made us rupiah millionaires. With the seeming affordability of the country, we're hoping to stay millionaires for as long as we can. In the evening it's our first Indonesian restaurant, which only offers three Indonesian meals.


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