Now that my two major trips are over this summer, I'm spending the rest of my break in London. My girlfriend H and I are borrowing a studio apartment near Regent's Park, which will be our base till my return in August. Along with London, we're also planning a weekend in Venice and a weekend in Belgium. H has been to both, but I have not. And there are some day trips. Together we're planning on heading to Brighton, Cambridge, and Hampton Court. While H is at work, I'll be heading out to St. Albans, Bath, and Salisbury and Stonehenge.

Our first night back from the Balkans, we have dinner with H's mother and decide to have some cocktails after. When H and her mom travel, they tend to buy alcohol that they donít really drink after. We start with some gin and tonic (using proper British gin) followed by rum and coke (using a Cuban rum I've been eyeing since I first was in her momís place). Then it's a sampling of a chocolate-flavored brandy from Israel and a cherry liqueur we brought back from Croatia. We then finish the night with coffee and a cream liquer. We will all be sleeping well tonight.


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