The past two summers we have been centered out of London, where H's mom lives. This summer, we've decided to head to Beijing, where many of H's extended family still reside. Before heading to Beijing, though, we have booked a tour of Nepal and northern India.

It's a long way from LAX to Kathmandu. We fly to London, then Doha, then reach Kathmandu, which adds up to about 21 total hours in the air. In Doha we head to the gate when we figure they will begin boarding to find they are already on Final Boarding. We are told we have been upgraded to Business Class and to wait for our new tickets, but then told five minutes later that we're back to our original seats. C'est la vie.

While we left Thursday afternoon, we arrive in Kathmandu Saturday morning. The hotel is kind enough to let us into our room early, so it's showers and naps. I dream I'm wandering an unknown city with Anthony Bourdain. While he's called away to film a scene for one of his shows, I begin talking with a woman resembling Charlize Theron, who is obsessed with circles. The dream ends with her trapping my head in a circular frame to add to her collection. I'll blame it on the jet lag.


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