EDINBURGH & PARIS (June/July 2011)

As we have found ourselves centered in London for another summer, we decide to take advantage of the easy access to Europe to get in a few short trips. First up, Edingburgh. We'll be staying in the heart of the Old Town, making a few day trips to St. Andrews and up to the Scottish highlands. Then we're off to spend my fourtieth birthday in Paris, which turns out to be more memorable than intended.

For our Scottish trip, we're hopping the train from London to Edinburgh. Our train leaves from Platform 0, which I didn't even know existed. It's about a five hour ride and it's only once we arrive that we find that, while our hotel is very near the train station, it's also about four storeys up. Fortunately a friendly local shows us the way and we're soon settling into our room.

As the sun doesn't set till after 10pm, we decide to do some exploring after dinner, which consisted of a chicken burger and haggis for me. First we head to the Old Carlton Cemetery, opened in 1718 and the resting place of philosopher David Hume. It is also the site of the Political Martyrs' Monument, an obelisk erected to the memory of a number of political reformers.


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