I would very much like to set foot on each of the seven continents before I turn forty, or at least the six inhabited ones. This thought very much influenced the choice of this trip, as it would get me up to five. This was not the only deciding factor, of course. First and foremost, I have always wanted to see Morocco. Along with Egypt and Tunisia, it is high on my lists of places to see and would also mark my first Muslim country. Secondly, a friend of mine, who has been all over Europe, never misses the chance to return to Spain and Portugal, so I would like to see what draws him.

As I have not gotten any photos in since my last December trip to Tucson, I decide to get in a little practice before setting off. Just north of where I live is a dilapidated structure I have been meaning to photograph before it, like so much around here, disappears. (I can now report that this structure no longer exists.)

And this trip's musical obsession: Porcupine Tree, a British progressive rock group I have been listening to intently since March.


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