THAILAND (July 2012)

Thailand is the fourth and final leg of our summer travels this year. A turboprop plane takes us the hour from Siem Reap to Bangkok and then it's little more than an hour's drive to our hotel thanks to traffic. After a bit of a rest, we're off to change some money and have dinner at a recommended restaurant.

The best rate for money exchange is banks, but it's Friday evening and all of the banks are closed and there's not a money exchange to be found open. We get to the recommended restauarnt only to find that they are cash only and the restaurant next door isn't sure if they take Mastercard. Just as it begins to rain, we spot a bistro that takes the card, so we pop in.

Four flights of stairs later, our three attempts at ordering a Coke and a Sprite result in a bottle of water and H's soft-shell crab in curry sauce becomes fish and chips, which we kindly return. The food, when it arrives correctly, is good but we're still without money and the morning proves to be as difficult to find an exchange. I finally use an ATM after accepting their 150 Bhat ($5) service fee, not including the 3% fee my bank will charge for a foreign transaction. Who knew it would be this hard to get Thai currency?


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