Only a half day of travel today. One of our stops overlooks a small village. During our other stops to stretch our legs and such, I take some more photos.

Just below Everest base camp is Rongphu Monastery. It was established in 1902, not making it very notable in terms of antiquity, but it does lay claim to being the highest monastery in the world at an elevation of around 16,400 feet (5,000 meters). Here I photograph it and the surrounding area. I must admit to being repeatedly distracted by Everest.

We then drive up to base camp. After some time there we are given the option to either drive back to Rongphu Monastery or hike back. I choose to hike it. It takes two hours at an elevation between 17,000 and 16,400 feet, but the experience is amazing. I take a few photos along the way.

High elevation
Cold wind through leather and bones

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