TUCSON, ARIZONA (December 2006)

A few weeks after my return from Tibet, I helped my best friend and his wife move to Tucson. There are two things significant about this: (1) John and I have always lived within driving distance of each other, and (2) he is the person who taught me how to take photographs. Life has been different with him living in another state and this was our first opportunity to see each other since the move and also the first time we'd taken photos together in quite a while.

While my visit was social, one should never pass up the chance to take photos with the person who taught them. In the case of John and myself, the same objects attract our eyes, though we look at them quite differently. Sometimes he takes the better photo, sometimes I do, and sometimes neither of us get it right. It's always interesting to see what the other person captured after a photo shoot.

During my two weeks in Arizona, photos were taken at the following locations: Colossal Cave, Botanical Gardens, Downtown, San Xavier Mission, Boot Hill (Tombstone), Fairbank, Tumacacori Mission, and Tubac.


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